Sunday, August 21, 2011

Newborns Basic Needs

 A newborn baby has only three demands.  They are warmth in the arms of its mother, 
food from her breasts, and 
security in the knowledge of her presence. 
Breastfeeding satisfies all three
~Grantly Dick-Read

Babies are born with such basic needs. They need food, warmth, safety and comfort. The baby business industry would have a new mom feel inadequate. They push products and programs for everything from feeding to learning. A new parent can easily feel overwhelmed at the amount of marketing, disguised as information. Unless a woman needs to pump her breasts for medical reasons or to go back to work, it is not even necessary to purchase an expensive breast pump. 
Frequent nursing in the arms of her mother, spending time in her arms or sling and co sleeping all encourage the babies neuro development and growth. 
The time will come soon enough when her baby will venture out into the world. But for now, let her snuggle in the safety of her mother's arms.

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