Stevie~  "Thank you for ....helping me to find the knowledge and strength to have my children at home. You have been a big contribution to our lives. Much love to you!"

Julianna Z ~ love you Jody - you made ALL the difference for my birth - I couldn't have made it thru my home birth - transport to hospital without your wisdom and training. I will NEVER forget you.

 Emily M.~Thank you! I recommend everyone to your class. It was so very helpful to us!

Karen and Corey~ Thank you so much for all the wisdom you passed on. You have made a difference in another birth...a very good difference! 

Crystal~ Jody served as my voice ..... when I was feeling overwhelmed. She was also so wonderful with back rubbing and encouragement when labor became tough. Neal and I were both appreciative that she was there to guide and support us- meeting our expectations and also exceeding them- ...She even helped by giving periodic updates to family in the waiting room. My parents even noticed and mentioned how great she was.

Beth~ "Thank you for being such a great birth instructor, doula, and role model!"
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Gary, RN ~ "Taking the Bradley Class was like taking a college course in how to have a baby."

  Melinda ~ "I still cant believe I had 3 babies natural and one almost didn't have..because he was so high up but I did and it all because of you.  I made it! You were definitely my angel."

Tony and Liz ~ "We never thought we would learn so much to help us prepare for such a big experience.....we have enjoyed and appreciated you from our first class..."