Birth Doula Services

Doula: "A woman who serves."
Women have attended women in labor since time began. As a doula, I serve my client and her family in ways that provide comfort, encouragement and support. 

I provide birth doula services to clients in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas including the hospital, home and birth center. My role is supportive and educational as I provide comfort measures for mom and encouragement and education for mom and her partner. As a doula, I see my presence at a birth as a privilege and respect the sacred space for mother's, babies and families. I embrace the fact that families come in many shapes and sizes and welcome the opportunity to serve women and their partners in any variety of diverse circumstances. 

My services include a minimum of one prenatal visit, being on call for 2 weeks prior to the birth up until the baby is born and an optional postpartum visit (if requested by client). My fee of $550 is due in full by the 38th week of pregnancy unless other payment arrangements have been made. 

Please contact me at to set up a complimentary visit. 

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