Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Increasing Your Milk Supply

Making enough milk for your baby is a concern all new mom's face. While some could pump enough for multiples, many women find that their milk supply less than what their growing baby needs.

First: Determine if there is a real need for more milk.
Is baby gaining enough weight?
Is he/she eliminating appropriate for her age? 

Successful breastfeeding tips:
  1. No artificial nipples! (no pacifiers, bottles, etc) for the first few weeks.
  2. Rest. Making milk is a new mom's primary occupation, resting gives the body a chance to focus.
  3. Hydrate. Drink a 10-12 ounce glass of water every time you nurse. Water in helps milk production. 
  4. Herbal tea. Fenugreek, mother wort and red raspberry leaf  herbal teas can help increase milk production.
  5. Nursing-In. Take an in house retreat, by taking baby to bed for 2 days, mom and baby naked from the waist up. Skin to skin contact, frequent nursing, extra fluids for mom, healthy meals and snacks, lots of naps for both can help restore a diminished milk supply.
Relax. Get help when you need it. Take care of yourself.

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