Monday, April 11, 2011

Rock On, Mama!

Having a baby is not an event to take lying down. When mom moves around, swaying, walking, rocking on a birthing ball she works with her body and gravity to help bring baby down into the pelvic cavity. One of my all time favorite prenatal exercises, the pelvic rock, is a useful move during pregnancy, first stage labor, second stage labor and postpartum. This is truly a "mom" exercise that can have wonderful benefits for the whole nine months and beyond.

  1. Assume a hands and knees position on the floor. 
  2. Rock the pelvis forward and back. If you were standing up it would look like a move from an exotic dance, no worries you are on your hands and knees here! 
Benefits in pregnancy:
  1. Tones abs.
  2. Relieves back pressure.
  3. Increases circulation to the legs and pelvic cavity, thus reducing the risk of varicose veins.
Uses in labor:
  1. Promotes optimum fetal positioning.
  2. Relieves back pressure from descent of baby.
  3. Relieves back pressure due to posterior position of baby.
  4. Encourages baby to rotate from posterior to anterior position.
  5. Alternate pushing position for second stage to facilitate a posterior presentation or birth of a large baby.
Postpartum benefits:
  1. Encourages circulation to promote healing.
  2. Helps align organs after the birth.
  3. Tones lower abs.
Rock on, mama! 

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