Sunday, March 27, 2011

Twelve Reasons To Eat Two Eggs a Day

Dr. Brewer advocated eating 2 eggs a day during pregnancy. He based his recommendations on solid research. He also advised consuming 80-100 gm protein each day. He taught this diet to his pregnant OB patients and, well, as my grandma used to say…the proof is in the puddin’! His statistics say it all with less than 1% toxemia in his practice. Considering that toxemia is a cause for induction, endangering both the life of the unborn baby and the mom, this is significant. Babies born to moms who follow the Brewer diet are bigger and healthier. Here are some rock solid reasons to serve up two eggs each day:

1. Protein builds healthy organs, connective tissue, bones and muscles.

2. Two eggs deliver 16 grams of protein. Add a quart of milk, and you’re half way to home base.

3. Eggs are cheap forms of protein, available all year round.

4. Egg yolks contain Vitamin D which helps with calcium absorption.

5. Lecithin, found in fertilized eggs, help the body process cholesterol.

6. Eggs are good sources of B12, which help with healthy nervous systems.

7. They taste good!

8. There are a plethora of ways to prepare and enjoy them.

9. Eggs help grow healthy hair and nails.

10. Easy to prepare.

11. They contain a variety of amino acids which contribute to overall fetal growth.

12. Eggs contain folic acid which can prevent neural tube defects in preborn babies.

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