Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Tim!

Seventeen years ago today I waddled into the hospital....slowly making my way down the corridor. I was in active labor and no I did not want to ride in a wheelchair. Yes, I was stubborn! Upon seeing my basically calm demeanor the nurse condescendingly told me that I should not be surprised if the doc sent me home. I didn't appear to be in labor , in her opinion. Well either she was new or I was hiding it well, because after the exam they whisked me into a room. I was already dilated to 5 cm. <smile> Yes....I knew I was in labor. After all this was my fifth time. It was about 6 am and my doc was getting ready to go in for a morning of surgery. He said not to worry his resident could take care of me if things were moving along too quickly. I took one look at the young doc. He looked not much older than my oldest kid. No thanks. We'll wait this one out. I looked at my husband and said if things go quickly, be ready to catch this one! I labored all morning with my husband and friend with me. The kids were in an adjoining room with another friend and her daughters. It was like we were all anticipating a party.   By 11:30 that morning I was feeling like he could be born very soon. Doc came in to check on me and gave me the green light for pushing. Great! This is what we've all been waiting for! In less than 30 minutes my little ginger haired angel came tumbling into the world. He was surrounded by love....and his older sister tried to immediately feed him "Teddy Graham's." Do they still make those teddy bear crackers? Anyway, he was loved and welcomed into the family amidst hugs and tears and squeals of laughter. And quite honestly, any time I am waiting for him to come home it feels like I'm waiting for a party. Happy Birthday Tim! I love you. ~ mom

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